Friday, October 8, 2010

Here we are sunny Florida

We made it to Fl. Sat. night, 15 hours straight and were we ever beat. Got here, golf cart a mildew mess, weeds like a forest, but two days later, and some elbow grease, and it is starting to look like we live here again.
Worked on kitchen for two days, with some great helpers, its pretty much ready for inspection next wk. will call inspector on Mon.
My new stove came today and I am right now painting behind it, what a filty mess that was, but it was probably never moved the whole time it was here.
Ordered new shed and it will come on Mon. Randy has been working to clean out the old one.
The weather here is just beautiful, 85 all the time and no rain, nice breeze. Have done no crafting just reading.  Other starting to come in, Patty on way today.
Well, it's back to painting so it can be done and move the stove where it belongs, not a lot of room to move around this place, when I go home I feel like I'm in a mansion.

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