Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yesterday was our Rob's 18th birthday, how did that happen? The years have flown by, just yesterday he was that little boy crying "I jus wanna be wif you", Jill would be so very proud as I'm sure she is watching over him. He has grown into such a wonderful young man despite losing his momma  at such an early age. We have tried to keep her memory alive. We are still in Fl. and starting home this weekend. Got my cupboards finished painted, scrubbed furniture, and new stove is in and shed is up, so now it's home to try and finish a bunch of stuff for the shop for Christmas. Started a lot, now just to hurry and get them done. Weather here is still hot and kind of looking forward to some cooler weather, I work much better when it's not so hot. Spoiled everyone here with brownies, stuffed pepper soup, cupcakes, pumpkin pie, and boston cream pie, so it's time to go home and spoil my peeps there. Going to have a BD party for Rob on Nov. 7.

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