Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1, What happened?

November 1, Wow!! What happened to the year? Got home from Fl. last Sunday, shoulda stayed, freezer broke on Thurs., furnace quit on Fri. and glue gun blew up on Sunday, hmmmmmmmm somebody trying to tell us something? Have been w/o furnace all weekend, supposedly furnace and freezer are getting fixed today. Made a trip to Calcutta with a bunch of stuff Sat. and am trying to get a ton more done in the next two weeks for the open house. But I'm scattered and I have to stop that, need to work on one thing and finish it. Got too many ideas rattling in my head.  Boys won football Fri. night 35 to 6, now to the playoffs. Anthony went to Penn State this weekend and loved it. Trick or Treat was Sat. night and we only had about half what we did last year, but wasn't disappointed cause Veronica and John brought David Robert and Dominic and I was sure glad to see them. They are coming to Rob's party on Sunday. Lots to do this week. Christmas is 55 days away, geez, I'm depressing myself, think I need a nap.

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