Saturday, September 8, 2007

Saturday, September 8

Nick and Randy both had soccer games today, rain was threatening all day but we didn't get any to speak of.
Nick won his game what a great job he did, then we brought him home. He wanted to help his mom get ready for the block party. Jan and her neighbor organized the first on their street in 30 years, and what a wonderful job, there were about 50 people there, everything was just perfect, lots of food and fun, neighbors having a great time. I'm so proud of Jan, she does a wonderful job with parties and entertaining, just like Jill did.
Randy's team tied the score but he scored his first goal of the year, what a little team player he is, runs his little heart out.
Nick and Floyd played for the block party, and I just can't believe what a great job he does on those drums, he is quite talented.
Randy, dad and his brothers went to Harley night in the park and I worked in the garage trying to finish up some things.
I am working on these sculpey roses, and going to make ornies out of them, they are looking pretty good.
Will take a pic soon.

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