Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wednesday News

Today I checked the thrift store cause it was 1/2 price day, what a packed place, but find that I get better deals the day before, found two tablecloths, and some odds and ends that I can use.
Had the boys yesterday, so didn't get much done, but today after thrift store went past my uncles and they had moved him into assisted living, cousins were cleaning out the house, throwing things away, I stopped for a plate I had left after my aunt died and left with a couple old oil cans, a railroad lantern, a beautiful picture that hung over their fireplace as long as I can remember, two old watering cans, a Baldwin brass candlestick, they are just pitching everything, so sad to see someones whole life just disposed of.
Did some paperwork, burned old receipts in the chimnea tonight and did a little painting. Finished painting on some stitcheries, painted some wooden thingamabobs so I can put the sculpey roses I made on them, think they look great and will take them to the Victorian Room to the little shop they have there.
Tomorrow, hope to paint more, have some pillows to finish, will post pics soon.

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