Sunday, September 12, 2010

The End of Summer 2010

Fall is in the air, can't believe summer is over, the porch has pumpkins and mums, and I've painted Halloween things for the shop. Where oh where did the time go. Yesterday was the anniversary of 9/11. Oh how many memories that day brings back, not good ones. Jill and Randy were preparing to go to Cleveland for her treatment and I was so afraid for them to travel. Worried what might happen. I remember seeing the plane that was diverted from Cleveland and eventually crashed in Shanksville, and wondered why it was up there when all air traffic had been stopped. Those poor courageous people who gave their lives by crashing in a field. All my worries that day and little did we know our greatest fear would come true a few months later losing Jill to her battle with Liposarcoma. Nine years, unbelievable, time has helped but our lives will never be the same. One day at a time is all we can do. Boys are growing, Rob will graduate in the spring, Joe is 14. Jill must be so very proud, just as we are.

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