Saturday, September 25, 2010

September 25

Yesterday was my baby sisters birthday, Lord, she was 58. Hope she had a nice one.
Just posted a picture of that Susan Jill Hall boot, this was in the process, just finished it today, and I antiqued it, looks great. Love that book, so I'm going to do a few more things. This summer I found that bunch of cupboard doors that are unfinished and routed on the edge, looks like a frame around a picture. So I'm doing a couple of those and I based two old wood ironing boards, probably won't get them done just yet, but it's a start.  Howland won last night 48 - 0, now that makes them 5 - 0, good for them. Got the garden cleaned off and a lot of the perinnials cut back, seems like they were just sprouting. Morning glories are about done, where did summer go. Nick got bit by a bee in his sock yesterday at gym and it swelled up pretty bad. Jan went to check on him and gave him some Benadryl so he marched last night. He was here for breakfast this morning (mickey d's of course) and it still was swollen and red, said it was starting to itch so that's good.  Rob got his first check on Wed. it was 2 pays cause they screwed up his withholding papers so he was happy. Steve called today and asked us over for Carole's birthday tomorrow, she will be tickled. Little Rand is in some tournaments for soccer today and his papa went. Guess I better get back to work, my horoscope said I could take a break today but not for too long so I can meet my goal. Don't believe in that stuff but amazing how on the money it is sometimes.

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