Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Night Football

Howland won their game tonight, 16 - 0 against Canfield, that makes them 4 and 0. Great Job!! I listened on the radio and the announcer said Anthony was a Jr. and the other guy said I think he's the whole junior class. I'm so glad for the kids, they get so excited. Did some more painting tonight. Found Beaulas Basement book by Susan Jill Hall, wondered where it was, here I had it tucked inside a folder with her patterns. Just yesterday I was trying to close my wallet and looked in the inside pockets to see what was keeping it from closing and I found a fifty I didn't know I had. Hmmmmmm must be old age. Rob said he is going to Homecoming tomorrow night by himself, good for him. Hope Rick takes a nice picture.

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