Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hump Day

Went to pick up pay check stopped at bank and came home. Ok, is that enough for today? Oh yea washed a load of clothes, now can I read? I need to make mega calls today for Cole Valley, want to be ahead by the time we leave here.  Looking forward to doing nothing but what I want, don't care if it's hot or not, I'll just stay inside. Taking my crochet back, didn't get any of it done here, too much other stuff to do, will just leave it there and work on it when we are down there. Tried to call Ritchie and Patty but no answer, talked to BF this morning, but had trouble w/ the connection, don't know if it's her phone or mine. Time will tell. Making some kind of chicken for supper, probably w/ mashed potatoes. Need to get pictures of my studio. (hehe)

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