Monday, September 13, 2010

Wow, wonder if I can keep this up!

It's Monday and a beautiful fall day. Tonight is Night of Drums and must go watch Nicky D. hope to get some painting and sewing done today. Wednesday is Joey's Band Night at Mathews and plan on being there. Started some pork in crock pot yesterday but it didn't get done, will finish it today and maybe run to the store. Fall is in the air, crisp and sunny. Started a prim blog also and now have two to keep up, but would like to use that one for selling if I can figure all this out. Seems to be the way to go anymore. Have a bunch of tablecloths I need to put on eBay and a bit of vintage Christmas. Don't know whether to do it now or after I come home. Decisions, decisions.

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KitB said...

I want that pie!!!!!!